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Welcome to the Codebase Obscura Homepage.

Codebase Obscura is a collection of scripts, programs, sequences and other computer code that looks scary to the audience but in reality is created in such a way as to bring no harm to the production enviroment and equipment. In short, you can hack the planet without actually risking doing any of the hacking.

What is the point of all this? Are these just toys?
In a sense, yes, but toys can be so much more. They can open the mind to a world of imagination, to allow us to connect thoughts and ideas in new and novel ways. And they are generally made with soft corners so that no matter how good your imagination is, nobody is likely to get hurt.

So, who needs these?
The main usecase for these is when there is a scripted hacker doing scripted hacker things, a camera is pointed at them, and we can see the output of their computer terminal. This output can make or break the illusion for a growing number in the audience. Codebase Obscura seeks to cover this gap by providing a codebase that is recognizable as the one we are told $HERO is using. Using CSS code over and over has become a poor industry practice, and we strive to udpate it.

Is it really that recognizable?
Is Comic Sans recognizable?

Okay, you have convinced me. How can I start using these?
Just make a selection at the menu on the left. Download a sample and try it out today!

  • Popular Usecases:

  • Screen Backgrounds for Television
  • Hero Screen Close-ups
  • Context-specific Lipsum
  • So much more!

  • Example of an average hacker-typer screen in a movie. Can be made to scroll quickly, slowly, flash dangerously, or blink incessantly.


There is nothing better than seeing it for yourself. All scripts can be customized to the correct computing environment, operating system, computing era, with full customization of command input and outputs.

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